Maryland FOP Lodge 8 is one of four Lodges serving the law enforcement officers of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Lodge 8 represents our Southern region, which encompasses Calvert, St. Mary's, Charles, Anne Arundel and Prince George's Counties. Lodges 16 represents our Eastern Shore Region. Lodge 77, The Mountain Lodge, represents in the Western Region. Lodge 130 is the DNR central lodge which has Natural Resources Police and Maryland Park Ranger members.

Trailered NRP Patrol Boat

The General Assembly of Maryland finds and declares the facts and policies for the Natural Resources Police, NRP. Every Natural Resources Police Officer has all the powers conferred upon police officers of the state and serves as a Public Safety Agency with statewide authority to enforce conservation, boating, and criminal laws.

These powers may be exercised anywhere within the state, including private land. The Natural Resources Police Force is specifically charged with enforcing all natural resource and conservation laws of the state. The NRP is responsible for the maintenance of public welfare; economic viability, the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the State's diverse environment and is necessary for the maintenance of the public health and welfare and the continue viability of the economy of the State, and is a matter of highest public priority.

NRP Helicopter 2016

Wildlife is owned by no one, but is held in trust to the benefit of the people by the government. Each person has a fundamental and inalienable right to a healthy environment, and each person has a responsibility to contribute to the protection preservation and enhancement of the environment.

*The 2 NRP images above courtesy of Executive Office of the Governor, State of Maryland.

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