About   NRP  Lodge 8

The Lodge is formed to promote personal and efficient cooperation among our members, and to foster the enforcement of law and order and to encourage social, charitable and educational activities among Law Enforcement Officers.

We strive to cultivate the highest degree of skills, efficiency, discipline and loyalty among other police officers. By association, we shall be better able to promote a moral and social understanding within our lodge.

We, the members of FOP Lodge 8, encourage others who support our mission to become members. Members are divided into Active Membership granted mainly to NRP Officers currently employed by Maryland and Associate Membership as approved by the Active Members.

Applications form can be downloaded here. These documents are fillable using Adobe Reader or other software. Google Docs doesn't open the heading correctly, but if you download it and then open it, there is no issue. However, you can still use the document with Google Docs with the header displaced from the correct position.  

Click the document you need to download it now. You can open the fillable document in Google Doc or with your software when downloaded